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Why Waypointe?

Our individualized approach to treatment and transition lends itself to a flexible length of stay and our five-phase treatment plan can be adjusted to compensate for the unique needs of each young man in our program. We also encourage Waypointe participants to pursue their own strengths and interests in the course of treatment, allowing them to truly develop as an individual.

Our program design focuses on four primary domains:

  • Mental health treatment
  • Education and vocational guidance
  • Psychosocial integration
  • Health, nutrition, and wellness

We treat each individual as a whole to promote long-term healing and recovery.

We aggressively pursue three primary outcomes for our participants: emotional well-being, social engagement, and personal productivity. With a sharp focus on “real life” transitional skill development and the cultivation of skills in a real-world and community-integrated home environment, Waypointe is uniquely equipped to guide and mentor each young man into new levels of independence.