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Life Skills

Our Life Skills Classes encourage participants to explore, learn, and practice the skills needed to be an autonomous, self-sufficient adult. We provide Life Skills training daily, either individually or in a group (or both). Curriculum developed by Waypointe staff helps address a variety of areas such as self care, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, transportation, time/priority management, and developing short- and long-term goals.

Community Integration

Waypointe participants live in and access services in the community and make use of the full array of social, recreational, leisure, sporting, educational and cultural opportunities that our area offers. We strive for inclusion in the community while supporting relationships and connections with individuals living with mental illness, through local and state chapters of organizations such as NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness).


Waypointe participants receive assistance in taking a personal interest inventory and building the necessary connections to get involved in their communities in a meaningful way. We encourage volunteering as a way to practice new personal, social, and work skills, as well as foster a sense of community and responsibility.