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Phase One: Welcome Getting Started

We recognize that the process of entering a program like Waypointe can be anxiety-provoking in itself. Our introductory phase provides a low-stress time of introduction and acclimation and acts as a foundation for recovery. We offer extra support for each new participant and make sure he has the opportunity to get settled in at Waypointe before beginning treatment.

Phase Two: Planning Preparation & Planning

In this phase, participants develop their individual treatment and transition plan (ITTP). Participants are guided through the process of considering their needs, assessing their talents, exploring their hopes and dreams, identifying obstacles (real or imagined), considering options, and making commitments to the supports and interventions that will become the core of their ITTP. Any additional necessary clinical or evaluative assessments will be completed during this phase.

Phase Three: Discovery Discovering Possibilities

In this challenging and rewarding phase, participants face the obstacles that have hindered their journey while also beginning to experience success and independence. It is a time for real discovery – of what is possible, of what it takes to overcome the challenges, of the help and support that is available within themselves and through the help of others.

Phase Four: Transition Moving Forward

We recognize the importance of affording each young man an opportunity to truly transition by testing out the skills he’s learned during his time at Waypointe. As each client progresses, he is afforded more independence and freedom. His treatment team will encourage him to move out from under the therapeutic umbrella and experience more of real life with active supports still in place.

Phase Five: Achievement Becoming Independent

We honor progress made by our clients by trusting them with less supervision and support while they test their new skills. The achievement phase can also continue for up to six months following the participant’s departure. A Waypointe mentor will remain a source of support as the participant pursues success in independent living.